What we do

Here at freshly brewed content we CREATE. SHARE. INSPIRE.

We Create and discover fresh content with a different view,

Share the amazing work from undiscovered gems

& Inspire viewers and writers.

From the creator of “K-Talks”, this blog has been set up with the sole intent of displaying works of art from different bloggers across this platform. If you’re interested in submitting your work, please go right ahead to the “Get in touch” page and contact us, we will guide you from thereon.

Simple Rules to keep in mind before you decide to collaborate:

  1. Work submitted must be an original, no forms of plagiarism will be entertained.
  2. Due credit will be given to the artist (aka; you!) for the fabulous work done.
  3. There will be no forms of payment for the work submitted and the only reward will be the love and support from other bloggers.


Why start this blog?

It has always been an interesting journey to come across some great writers on this platform, writers that need the recognition for the beautiful work that they do. This is not a blog set up as ruse for sympathy or charity, We at “FBC” strictly believe that it is our duty as bloggers to strengthen this wonderful community and give praise to the well deserving!



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