Truly freshly brewed content

Welcome to FBC, firstly I’d like to thank you for dropping by, taking the time to look past the usual mistakes made while I try to navigate this infant blog into a portal that boosts  your fabulous work!

About the blogger behind “FBC”

I created my first blog at the age of 13 and then abandoned that project purely because It didn’t meet my expectations in terms of getting viewers or the traffic that subconsciously keeps every artist on their feet, striving under the pressure and healthy greed of being recognized and appreciated for the work done. Fortunately my second stint at blogging was quite a turnaround experience, I worked hard on that blog compared to my earlier novice journey, and I guess that’s what made it a success story (at least for me). Now I’m back again, with a completely different portal but the same of mindset of dedication and interest.

What does FBC do? 

Answering the most obvious question that comes to mind; FBC stands for Freshly Brewed Content, the slogan is “Create. Share. Inspire” . As clearly as the name and slogan suggests this blog is all but created for you dear writers! The basic idea behind the creation of this blog was to jumpstart and act as leaping pad for new bloggers and take their respective blogs to  greater heights, usually newbies find it quite tough to survive in a environment where all they can see is the success stories of others, this I speak from personal experience. It is a tough world but fortunately you are a part of a community that supports each other, I’ve had the privilege to come across amazing bloggers that share constructive criticism and the much needed motivation. Now this blog isn’t just exclusively for the newbies, but also for those beautiful writers that I adore and respect for the work that they do.

What can you expect as readers from this blog? 

As readers, expect some unique & great content! I will personally be searching for substance worthy content and sharing it with you all, the matter of these contents can range from discussing taboo subjects such as mental disorders, awareness to different rarely talked about subjects, to a satirical take on relationships, tips and hacks. Expect everything and anything but I can guarantee that you will be left with a completely different take on a variety of topics, new opinions and thoughts that ignites a curiosity from within.

How can  you get involved? 

If you’re a writer and wish to be enlisted and post on this portal go right ahead to the “Get in touch” page, fill out the form and get in contact with me. I will be available 24/7 no jokes, always ready to answer your mails and queries. Also go through the “What we do” page to gain an insight on some rules to stand by with.

I’d love to hear from you! Until then, be on the lookout for some amazing content every single day hopefully, with your support it shall come to pass.


Yours truly,



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